Bold tech

In the era of artificial intelligence and technology today, we also have incredibly unique sneakers produces by prestigious sports brand in the world. It is easy to recognize that the dominant trend today highly appreciate the high technology in every sneaker product. Such releases have also been revealed in the latest collections made by big boys in the field of sneaker manufacturing.

Nike got the spotlight by a special masterpiece in 2019 Adapt BB. This is a self-lacing sneaker dedicated to the basketball world. The noticeable feature here goes to the connection with your smart phone, a result of a modern technology that is much more unique than ever. At the same time, Adidas also have its participation in the trend with the new Futurecraft 4D highlighting a 3D printed sole, one of the coveted design of the year. it is said to be made out of pure light and oxygen. Being shown in a fashionable futuristic silhouette, it is definitely a well fit to adapt its new breakthrough technology.

The continuous flames of green envy at the sneaker convention attract many big sneaker manufacturers like Adidas and Nike. Their SS19 offering all emphasize each giant leap and one of the key is “’Visible Tech”. It is expected to be the most coveted and the most favorable trend this time. Innovation keeps being produced and stirring up the sneaker market with continuous technology improvements. Sports brands apply bold colours to show out the best techy features, which must cater every interest of sneaker lovers.


Notes for cleaning shoe insoles

Step 1: Wet fully the insoles

This step is for the whole clean and helps to get rid of stain more easily for the next steps

 Remember to soak the insoles gently to avoid any peeling or damage.

Step 2: Scrub the insoles

Becareful with the label on the insoles

Again, you should take this step gently to avoid peeling

Step 3: Get out the soap gently

If we need warm water for the shoes’ surfaces, cold water is preferred for the insoles this time, so that it is not going to be expanded.

4. Dry the insoles

Fold the towel over the insoles. Press down to partly dry the insoles through the towel.

After getting rid of excess water from the insoles, put them in a well-ventilated place or in front of the fan to be fully dry.


Cleaning Sneakers

Step 1. Get rid of dirt.

First, you should to know that it is better to wash your shoes as soon as possible when it is getting dirty. By that way, it is not supposed to be stained as well as easily being cleaned.

For cleaning process, you need some preparations:

  • A clean soft- bristled toothbrush: in order not to make any damage to the shoes, or its shape and fabric in particular.

Next, gently clean the outsole

  • If there is much dirt in nooks and crannies, you need some special tools like cleaning kits for phone and glasses to clean out.

Avoid too strong friction force which degrades the sneaker’s quality.

Step 2. Prepare suds

Mostly, you should clean the shoes with warm water (except for Nike Flyknits). Dip it into the water, which is mixed with a just small amount of laundry detergent to form a mildly soapy liquid.   

  • If the amount of detergent is too dense, you must have a great trouble to wash out the soap, therefore, it is hard to keep the shoes in its original shape.

Step 3. Give your shoes a sponge bath


  • a sponge (or a soft washcloth)

Scrub gently the surface of the shoes. Don’t use too much liquid if you don’t want it to take time to clean and dry, because it would absorb excess water and soap more than needed.

Rinse the soap off the washcloth with water and then wipe the soap off.

Step 4. Dry the shoes

  • The drying method is also important for the shoes’ look.
  • Make sure that the shoes are put in the open air allowing much ventilation.
  • You can put it in the sun to save time for it to dry.
  • A blow dryer is another good choice. However, you should notice to turn on cold mode or it is likely to break your shoes ‘form. So, don’t use dryers to the shoes as well.
  • Paper towels, especially a tumble dryer fabric sheet, are nice for this process

Kanye West: Karhu Fusion outfit

This latest masterpiece is the most advanced running sneaker of of Karhu. Karhu, a Finish manufacturing sneaker brand, has been a sneaker brand of choice of many artists. They have operated in the market for so long and maintain their position in the sneaker world so far. In Olympics Games, the event had the participation of the brand and its contribution as a Finland's official equipment provider. Serving sneaker lovers for hundreds of years, Karhu is a trustworthy choice to offer comfortable fit to wearers. Its specialty product is technical shoes, which is best suitable for the outdoors. It is noticeable that Kanye West chose a stylish Karhu Fusion for his outfit and it is easily caught in the following picture. This hiking shoe was undoubtedly fit those who are gregarious like Kanye West, a fantastic American rapper.

Its style back to school makes it a hit. Especially, the highlight was put into hiking-boot style laces, giving it an exotic look and ensuring the solid grip on the trail. This hiking shoe was undoubtedly fit Kanye West, a fantastic American rapper.


Justin Bieber in the fashion of Jordan AJ 1 Mid

The Air Jordan 1 Mid is a renewed version of the previous, the Air Jordan 1 High. Though the previous design has gained a big buzz in the market, Air Jordan 1 Mid is a better choice with regard to the price. Also, it is worth considering its added features and its significantly new outlook. Jordan AJ 1 Mid is designed in catchy color ways and strong shape. There is an “Air Jordan Wings” logo on the side. It ensures everyday comfort and having well served on the market for such a long way so far. Perfect system supports the shoes on any tough surfaces. A perforated toe box of this same boldness allows more ventilation on wearing the shoes. In fact, it is released regularly with higher accessibility than its original design. It includes every super feature of an iconic sneaker with full-grain leather and synthetic materials.


Cardi B and Reebok Aztrek

Reebok Aztrek was even more well-known after being spotted as the sneaker of choice of Cardi B. Most users think highly of this pair of sneakers for its comfort. Besides, the new look is said to be versatile in function by many fashion-forward thinking buyers. This version of Reebok flashes back to the 90s and now appear in a new lightweight retro runner with favorable features of an authentic sneaker. Reebok Aztrek is unique with hexalite technology. The cushioning and the diamond-studded outsole pattern make sure of your comfort and the well fit in a good-looking appearance. It is perfect for various styles of outfit. This is a unisex sneaker produced in a wide range of color ways. With its number of silhouettes, Reebok Aztrek will cater for every sneaker interest.



Everyone trying on Nike Free TR 8 can all feel its comfort of Nike technology. Its light weight nature enables the flexibility of the product, which is totally proper for a perfect pair of sports shoes. It is greatly versatile for multiple purposes of use thanks for its basic but classic look. It is produced in four color ways. This is considered the best fit for any workout routine with 2 different basic tone colors. Nike Free TR 8 would certainly please wearers by the snug fit and its durability. That’s the reason why this is a preferable choice of training enthusiasts for strenuous activities. Shawn Mendes, internationally acclaimed Canadian singer with big hits, though not exactly a trend-setter, he has recently stepped in the fashion footwear world, which is encouraged by his stylist. Appeared at the 2018 Billboard Music Awards, he was spotted wearing a Nike Free. This event made the design a hunting object of many sneaker lovers.


MIGOS with the choice of Under Armour HOVR Phantom

This pair of HOVR Phantom Running Shoes from Under Armour was revealed to be one of the items in the sneaker collection of an acclaimed American hip hop group, Migos. The shoes was received many positive reviews about its flexibility. It is recognized by a number of users that Under Armour HOVR Phantom brings about the feeling of great support and durability throughout the long running or jogging. Laser perforations are added to the outlook on the mid foot, which allows more ventilation. More importantly, the system of soles and cushioning offer great energy maintenance, get rid of any foot discomfort and the impact of step after step. That’s the factor contributing a lot to the success of the product. Its light weight is another plus point to fashion accessory, creating a great balance and support for your feet.


Jaden Smith Fashion: New Balance 1700

Hybrid custom sneakers are nothing new; however the fashion combination of Jaden Smith is extraordinary. You must have never seen such a hybrid custom like this. That’s all true for his music or his style.  This is a definitely a sartorial choice of Smith with the indication of a future collaboration with the brand Louis Vuitton Archlight. He first showed his sneaker on a special occasion of his film premiere in New York City. It seems strange when paired with his favorite LV kicks. The New Balance 1700 is designed for athletic trainers with a classic look. The wearers could feel the comfort of a leather shoe and a fantastic midsole cushion, allowing natural flexibility of the feet.



PUMA Cali is a favorable pair of shoes in the sneaker collection of Selena Gomez. The Cali appeared in the post of the pretty singer on Instagram as an implication of her latest collaboration with Puma. The design was a spotlight of the week and soon become all the rage today. It’s special on taking a classic 1980s tennis appearance in a pure white colorway.  The iconic PUMA Form strip was placed in harmony to the sidewalls. Cali’s materials are traditionally put much thought to show the best performances to wearers. The leather upper is perforated allowing ventilation on the forefoot. Equipped with premium cushion, stacked midsole, and a tonal lace-up fastening, the users would be fully comfortable on running. These women's Cali trainers from PUMA are definitely a go-to sneaker for those who prefer fresh and gentle style.